How it all began

I started building the Integrated Stretching Harness (ISH) in December of 2013. I was trying to run 50 consecutive days in a row and started having pretty severe knee pain. I had just turned 53 the same month, so my recovery was slow (if, at all). The idea came after having to get on the foam roller in the middle of the night just so I could sleep.

The concept was to be able to stretch while doing other things at the same time, such as cook or fold laundry, or any number of other tasks that take up time where we could be stretching.

I design and build all the units myself right here in Fort Collins Colorado. I can take custom orders or people can choose from standard sizes and colors.

The ISH is a convenient time saver that allows us to buy some extra time away from pain until we can get to our favorite body worker.

The ISH has been incredible in my own personal recoveries but it has also helped more 150 people from all different walks of life with their own recoveries. I get a new testimonial almost every day about how the ISH was instrumental in aiding with muscle fatigue, joint stiffness or improved mobility.

-- David Henre